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Deliver Key Business Information to your customers when on hold…

Info On Hold – how does your company sound?

B2B’s Info On Hold is a cost effective and proven marketing solution which simply connects with your existing telephone system. Info On Hold works by taking advantage of the free air time created by your telephone system when customers are placed on hold, whilst waiting to speak to a particular department or individual.

Research shows that more than 50% of customers placed on hold will remain connected for over a minute if provided with company information and music. More importantly, more than 30% of customers met with silence or irritating pre-recorded telephone system music don’t call back!

Here at B2B Communications we can provide your company with a bespoke marketing broadcast for a targeted audience.

Choose from a wide selection of professionally recorded music tracks along with a choice of professional male and female voice artists. Click the button below to take a look at our examples page to get an idea of how Info On Hold could work for your business.

Info On Hold broadcasts are specifically produced to deliver key business information to its listeners. Key information such as:

  • Auto attend greetings
  • Professionally recorded IVR Messages
  • Night Greetings
  • New product launches and services
  • Seasonal campaigns
  • Special offers
  • Website details and hours of business + much more!

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