Please see below an important update on B2B Communications business continuity plans in light of the outbreak of COVID-19.

Dear All,

The situation with the outbreak of Coronavirus is rapidly evolving. B2B Communications is closely monitoring the situation and following the latest guidance from the WHO (World Health Organization) and UK authorities.

Our top priorities are the welfare of our employees and ensuring the continuity of service for our Customers.

In line with guidance from the UK Government on the prevention of the spread of viral infections, we will be restricting travel for our team, have clear self-isolating procedures for any staff at risk of infection and will be using remote working tools widely to enable our team to continue business as usual as and when needed.

Our business continuity plans have been tested. The measures we have taken thus far have had no impact on our business operations; and should the guidance from the authorities change over the coming days and weeks we are well prepared to enable staff to work from home.

We are also in regular contact with our suppliers and service providers, to ensure that they have clear plans in place to mitigate risk. We are currently being given assurances that service levels will be maintained, however we will continue to closely monitor the situation and inform our customers if the situation changes.

Yours sincerely,

Matt Dandy