Not sure what data bundle suits your needs? Let B2B help! Have a read of the generic specifications of each package below to see what really mathces your needs.

1GB a month

1GB a month is roughly enough to:

  • browse for 11 hours
  • send 16,000 emails without attachments or 300 with attachments
  • download 17 songs
  • watch 40 minutes of TV.

3GB a month

3GB a month is roughly enough to:

  • browse for 33 hours
  • send 50,000 emails without attachments or 1000 with attachments
  • download 50 songs
  • watch 120 minutes of TV.

30GB a month

30GB a month is roughly enough to:   

  • browse for 330 hours
  • send 500,000 emails without attachments or 10,000 with attachments
  • download 500 songs watch 1200 minutes of TV.

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